Pet Paw Prints & Impressions

Capture your precious pet in a lovely way

Create a momento of your family pet with a print

Pet paw prints look great on mugs, plates and coasters. Our experienced staff are on hand to help you create that perfect keepsake that you will treasure forever.

Our prints are created by making paint prints onto your chosen object with your pets paws and then we glaze and fire the object for you.

Clay impressions look great too

As well as paint based printing we also offer clay impressions. With this technique you pets paws are gently pushed into the clay to make an impression. The clay is allowed to dry over a couple of weeks. We then fire the clay, turn out the final baked object and then add colour and writing as you want. We then glaze and fire the object again to give you the finished article.

These really are a unique way to mark the arrival of a new member of the family and will be cherished as a gift or a keepsake.